You can be a great shooter! Great shooters are not born, they are made. We teach our students to shoot the ball above the head, point your elbow to the basket way that’s how pro, college and high school coaches want their players to shoot. This method may be harder to teach than the “Push and Pray” method, but we believe our students deserve to learn the best so they can be the best.

Short or tall, fast or slow, boy or girl, good technique will make the difference. With practice our students can look forward to shooting with accuracy and confidence.

bball-icon Layups

With a foundation of strong ball handling, a player can now learn lay-ups. We teach the correct way – full speed, using the backboard – both right and left handed. A player who takes 2 to 4 private lessons will be able to learn more about how to lay up a basketball than they would in a whole season’s worth of practices. This may seem impossible at the moment, but it is what I do. A player who has a strong lay-up can score for their team reliably and that builds confidence.

If you have the dedication to be a great shooter and desire to learn, you too can master the principles of shooting a basketball. With PERFECT FORM, concentration, CONFIDENCE and proper use of the backboard, you will become a great shooter.

bball-icon Confidence

We build confidence through the learning of skills, fundamentals, coordination and most of all, having fun in the sport of basketball. Only with confidence you can fully develop your potential and become the unique person that God created you to be.

PBA gives its students the chance to build and demonstrate their abilities in a safe environment. With confidence, our students don’t let what they think they cannot do interfere with what they can do.