“This is an Awesome program. In 3 months my daughter has learned more skills and gained more confidence than she ever did playing on Jr. High School teams the last three years. It is a very welcoming atmosphere. There is no yelling, no second best. You compete against yourself. My daughter was insecure starting out because she knew other kids had better skills than she did and some of them were younger, but she was never made to feel embarrassed by her lack of knowledge, she was simply given the proper instruction to do better. And she is a whole lot better now!!!! and getting better everyday. My daughter is left handed and so many coaches try to make a lefty into a right handed player only, which is simply ridiculous. Try playing your favorite sport with the wrong hand, its stupid. Now not only does she have a beautiful left hand layup but she might surprise you and go right when your not expecting it. My only regret is we didn’t discover PBA sooner.”
Jennifer L. - Puyallup, Wa
“Love this place! Excellent way for kids to touch the basketball year round. Fun, happy place. Both of my kids have attended for years. Wish they were open on Saturdays and during the day in the summer but other than that my kiddos have learned a ton and are better basketball players because they go there.”
Suzie D. - Puyallup, Wa
“Working 60 hours a week has kept me from having time to coach my own kids and that is why I’ve entrusted Jon and Sue’s program here in Puyallup. It enables my children to grow both in their personal confidence and basketball skills as they compete at the highest level.”
Rob - European Professional Player | Former Auburn High School
“Great Experience We have been members of the Puyallup Basketball Academy for 3 months now and the experience has been outstanding for my 10 year old daughter. Her skills have dramatically improved and, more importantly, so has her confidence. This new confidence has been apparent off the court as well, something Jon Barr, who operates the program, strongly believes in. Basketball is a great sport and something I hope she will excel in but this is secondary to the life skills a child will develop being involved in a team sport. That said, if they cannot gain the skills to compete, they will soon become frustrated and move on to something else. I am very pleased to have found a place where she can develop outside of a game only environment, where winning is the only goal. The atmosphere has been safe, challenging, and above all else, fun. Jon is easy to talk to and the kids really respond to his style.”
Jim - Puyallup, Wa
“Our child used Puyallup Basketball Academy (PBA) for a a year and we liked it so much that we signed up her sister. Naturally, we have renewed and are very happy customers. Is it free? No. But what is. It is a good value though. Jon works well with the kids and, if you watch, you’ll see the boys and girls who participate in this program grow in skills, confidence and character during their time at PBA.”
Eric - Puyallup, WA
“My family has had a very good experience with the Puyallup Basketball Academy, and John and Sue Barr. Before we joined and signed a year long contract we completed trial classes to make sure it was for us. I believe the year long contract keeps you dedicated in a year round program. We enjoy the half skills and half fun philosophy! Our kids are thriving! They can’t wait to go all the time. There have been times when I have gone to both John and Sue with issues and every single time I have been thanked for coming to them. They have dealt with my concerns immediately and positively. I would absolutely recommend this program! It’s a good program!”
Former Client - Puyallup, Wa