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We offer year-around basketball for ages 5 and up. The academy teaches creative fundamentals, club practices and skills classes that include sharpshooting. The program is for all skill levels. We are not an “Elite” club or a “Closed” club for only certain select players. We welcome students from every walk of life. Beginners, experienced, pro, recreational players, serious players, private schools, public schools, home schools, etc. Everyone is welcome here at the Academy. All of our students are treated fairly and equally with respect.

We teach the NBA way of shooting, we do the NBA skill sets, and we make the children extremely coordinated by performing the skill sets. How you introduce basketball to your child will have a major influence on whether or not they are successful in their development. Above all, it has to be fun or the children will not continue their interest in the sport.

The staff at the Puyallup Basketball Academy is committed to providing a positive atmosphere, where students can learn and progress in all areas in the sport of basketball. We will teach the basic power fundamentals of the game: dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, foul shooting, defending, conditioning, role-playing through muscle memory and the mental approach of the game.